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My name is Lau, and I am the Founder of The Creative Upcycler. I am an eco-friendly woodworker, designer, and maker based in Brighton, Sussex, UK. 


My purpose is to reduce the amount of wood and metal waste going to landfill. According to the latest statistics from Defra, 70% of waste wood is going to landfill (which equates to 905,000 tonnes). I intend to play my part in improving those statistics for the better. 


I collect salvaged, reclaimed wood and other sustainable materials from cabinet makers, shops, building sites, recycling yards, skips and fly tipping to make a unique range of professional, eco-friendly, wooden jewellery and rustic objects for the home and garden. 


All my products are handmade, eco-friendly and each item has an individual story to tell. 


Whilst some pieces are unique, others can be replicated to an extent – with a similar design depending on the availability of the reclaimed materials. Please note marks, grain, colours and patterns may vary between two similar objects. 


All rings are made to order so please make sure you order the right size. Your size should be measured by a jeweller. 


Everything in stock can be found on our shop pages. 


If you see a sold item you would like to purchase, or an item you would like with a different finish or design, please let me know by clicking here


Enjoy shopping! And thank you for your support in enabling me to fulfil my purpose to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. 

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