Adam's Bespoke Order

Wood ring with gemstone inlay.

Wood: From Brighton West pier. 

Inlay: Malachite (TBC).

Width: 6-7mm (TBC).

Size: Customer will measure with ring sizer stick.

Photos are only examples of the design.

Adam's Bespoke Order

  • All of my wooden rings are handmade to order using the “bentwood” method and/or turning a solid piece of wood into a ring shape. I cut thin strips of wood and steam the wood. After bending the wood I allow it to dry and wrap it around itself to create the ring shape. The following steps are inlaying any kind of materials, turning, sanding and making sure a tough water resistant finish is applied (acrylic, wax, oil, polishing...). This results in superior strength and enhances the beautiful grain of the wood.

  • I advise taking your ring off before swimming or showering. If your ring gets wet occasionally be sure to dry it off. Keep it away from chemicals (antibac gel, household products, cream ...).

    Our bentwood rings are tough but remember your beautiful wooden ring is made out of a noble and fragile material that needs to be treated with care.